Front of House

Our Front of House team members are an integral part of our shops, linking our coffee and food to our customers. They are at the forefront of providing the highest quality product and service. They create and maintain the flow of the shop through clear communication and engagement with customers and ensure the smooth running of operations setting the tone for the customer’s experience. All our FOH team are passionate about coffee and customer service.  


Our Baristas have a deep love of coffee and are passionate about delivering great quality coffee. Their dedication to quality control, coffee enthusiasm and commitment to providing an unforgettable customer service experience makes them an essential component to the smooth running of our shops.  Our Baristas maintain workflow in a fast-paced environment and are great multi-taskers. They have a breadth of knowledge surrounding our retail and food products allowing them to educate our staff and customers on our coffee brand.

Head barista

With a deep passion and understanding for coffee, our Head Baristas utilise their senses and skills to provide the highest quality coffee, every time. They have the ultimate knowledge of brew ratios, extractions, taste profiles, milk texturizing, and latte art, as well as seeking to provide the highest customer service experience. They balance engaging with customers, with providing leadership behind the bar; coaching and training other staff members to ensure quality and consistency throughout the day and across the shops.

Service Manager

Our Service Managers, along with the General Managers, act as the glue that holds a shop together. Second to supporting all members of the team across all areas, their main priority is assisting the General Manager in the day-to-day running of the shop. They are the epitome of a team player, having a deep understanding of our various roles within the shop and ensure that their teams are working effectively. As future General Managers, they consistently lead by example, motivate their teams and offer dedicated support wherever they are needed.

General Manager

Having a sense of ownership for their shops, General Managers live and breathe the culture they’ve personally built. They are passionate go-getters who demonstrate a love for, and knowledge os quality coffee and excellent customer service. Our General Managers are responsible for overseeing and managing the day-to-day operations and running of the shop - driving profitability, ensuring their team is working effectively and centring customers at the heart of everything they do. They know their customer and strive to provide excellent customer service at every interaction. They empower their teams, sharing ambition, knowledge and a can-do attitude. They are responsible for bringing fun to the workplace, keeping the team focused and motivated, while simultaneously focusing on the operational components of the shop.

Operations Managers

As leaders within the company, the Operations Managers are responsible for a number of shops, providing leadership and support and working with the General Managers to nurture and grow our culture. Operations Managers take full accountability for the performance of their shops, making a significant contribution to the overall performance of the business. Inspiring and motiving their teams, they work across the shops to ensure the delivery of the highest standard of coffee, food and service to our customers while driving financial performance for each shop. They dedicate their time to focus on growth, working with General Managers to promote talent internally and fostering a positive learning environment. Our Operations Managers excel at multitasking; from managing key P&L lines, to setting targets, and encouraging a positive and sociable workplace.